Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA)


Geostatistics and Biodiversity Information in the Himalayas

GMBA workshop in collaboration with ICIMOD, Kathmandu, Nepal, 15-16 November 2008


The aim of the workshop was to show the benefits of geo-referenced biodiversity data, for integrated analysis and spatial visualization of biodiversity information in relation to climate, landuse, physiography and other important parameters. The workshop also brought together national partners from the HKH region and explored the possibilities of hosting a regional platform for mountain biodiversity information for the Hindu Kush-Himalayas.

The workshop deliberated on the available tools to facilitate the exchange of biodiversity and geoinformation worldwide e.g. GBIF, WMO/GTS and WorldClim. The workshop also introduced ICIMOD’s initiatives on geo-information applications for biodiversity database development and sharing. The ultimate aim was to provide easy and open access to biodiversity information of the Himalayas via GBIF/GMBA Mountain Biodiversity Portal and the Mountain Geo-Portal of ICIMOD and to develop a framework and partnership for standardized biodiversity databases, their dissemination through standard metadata system to the wider Regional and Global Change Research community.


The conference and other workshop reports can be downloaded from the ICIMOD website