Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA)

Release of the Mountain Partnership Indigenous Mountain Peoples Webplatform

During the past months, the Mountain Partnership Secretariat (MPS) in close collaboration with GMBA has developed an interactive webportal for the query and visualization of information about indigenous mountain communities worldwide.

Mountains are home to many indigenous communities. These communities are often the protectors of mountain landscapes, ecosystems, and beliefs as their culture, traditions, and livelihoods are deeply tied to the nature in which they live. Yet because of their isolation and dispersion across several national boundaries, they are often ignored or underrepresented in international fora and negotiations.
The aim of the Indigenous Mountain Peoples database is to raise awareness about these communities by providing online access to a range of information about them, including their location, main food systems, cultural particularities, and language(s). Available information collected over a few months by the MPS currently pertains to 120 indigenous mountain communities worldwide. Those are only a few of many communities living in mountains and the active contribution of indigenous mountain peoples, research institutes, Non-Governmental Organizations, governments, experts, as well as MP and GMBA members is needed to develop this unique resource further. The delineation of mountain regions used as a base layer for this interactive map is a modified version of GMBA’s global inventory of the worlds’ mountains.