Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA)


In addition to shared definitions and tools, connections between researchers, institutions, projects, and knowledge and a tight science-policy link are a prerequisite for achieving progress towards the sustainable use and management of biological resources in mountains and sustainable development.

GMBA provides rich, robust, and growing databases of members (including institutions) and resources (including GMBA project office publications, GMBA network publications, and projects), which are cross-linked with the >1000 mountain ranges of the GMBA mountain inventory.

GMBA provides standardized definition and tools to maximize synergies between scientists and facilitate research at various spatio-temporal scales. 

GMBA supports its community by (co-)organizing workshops and conferences, training, and thematic sessions on various topics related to mountain biodiversity, global change, and sustainable mountain development.

GMBA offers different channels for relaying news, knowledge and information to various segments of the mountain biodiversity community in an appropriate format and language.

GMBA employs its ties with the science and policy communities and its expert network to facilitate and strengthen the link between these communities at the international level.