Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA)

Mountain biodiversity data


Good quality mountain biodiversity data are necessary for many applications. They are necessary for assessing current mountain biodiversity at a local, regional, and global scale; predicting its future; identifying conservation areas; exploring habitat distributions; and testing hypotheses on the ecology and evolution of mountain species. GMBA is committed to making these data available for the mountain biodiversity community at large via the Mountain Portal. The Mountain Portal is a dedicated online tool for the mobilization of biodiversity data from all taxonomic groups.

Contact us to contribute with the data you are willing to show!


Data visualizations are increasingly used to communicate complex results and information in a user-friendly and interactive manners. So far we have developed two web visualizations associated with various datasets (hosted externally).
We are striving to develop many more in the future and are encouraging individual community members to share their visualizations and codes with the community at large.