Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA)

A standardized delineation of the world's mountains

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Applications and citations

The GMBA mountain inventory is useful for various applications ranging from comparative research in mountain biodiversity to the spatial placement of biodiversity inventories and conservation planning. Examples include:


This inventory is based on the GMBA definitions of mountains and climatic belts. Details on the polygon delineation and additional information are available in Körner et al. 2017.


General information about the various files and formats, as well as log files of changes between subsequent versions are available in the online repository.

  • V1.0 includes 1003 mountain ranges with their name, coordinates, surface of mountain terrain stratified by dominant life zones, and human population estimates
  • V1.1 is identical to V1.0 but a number of polygon names in English have been corrected for typos and mistakes
  • V1.2 (latest) includes approximately 50 more polygons, primarily in Asia and South America