Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA)

Mountain inventory

Where are the world's mountains?

Comparative research in mountain biodiversity, the spatial placement of inventories mobilized from the literature, the determination of expected species occurrences following expert-based bioclimatic associations, and conservation planning all require a standardized delineation and environmental characterization of the world's mountains.

The GMBA mountain inventory, published online in December 2016, includes more than 1000 mountain ranges with their name, coordinates, surface of mountain terrain stratified by dominant life zones, and human population estimates. This inventory is based on the GMBA definitions of mountains and of climatic belts.

Details on the polygon delineation and additional information are available in Körner et al. 2017. The mountain inventory is available for unrestricted download in various formats.

The mountain delineation in the GMBA Mountain Portal is based on this inventory.