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Tales of Mountain Biodiversity

Credits and copyright: Christophe Randin

Mountains, as diverse as they are, share one characteristic: they host a spectacular diversity of species, many of which are endemic, rare or endangered. This biodiversity is essential in many ways, especially for the wellbeing of people in the highlands but also in the lowlands, far away from the slopes and the summits where it thrives. In the face of the growing challenges brought about by human activities, this biodiversity and all the livelihoods depending on it are at risk.

“Mountain Biodiversity” is the theme of this year’s International Mountain Day. For this very special day, we want to embark on a journey across the world’s mountains based on stories about their biodiversity and we invite you to share your own tale in word or art form. With a drawing, a painting or in writing (500 words or less), we invite you to tell us how biodiversity matters in the mountains where you live or work and to share your fascination, knowledge, memories, fears or hopes for these mountains and their nature. Mountain biodiversity matters across generations and we welcome any creation, whether it be a small child’s drawing or an elder’s story. With your stories, we want people to connect to the formidable diversity of species that live in the world’s mountains and raise awareness for their conservation and sustainable management.

The deadline to submit your story is 30 June 2020, 12pm CEST. Please be sure to include the name and the location of the mountain(s) about which you write and send high-resolution (300+ dpi) photos or drawings of the species and mountains you describe. Edited and formatted texts will be compiled and published. We encourage texts written in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese or Italian. If you speak a different language than those listed, please feel free to still submit your story in your language.

Please send your text and/or questions to

This is a shared initiative of the Mountain Partnership and GMBA.