Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA)

Working groups

Promoting Long-Term Ecological Research in Mountains (2017-)

Coordinator: Davnah Payne
Community members: tbd
GMBA SSC members: N. Yoccoz, L. Nagy, H. Pauli, S. Venn, L. Cavieres, and Ch. Körner
Periods: 2017 -
Status: ongoing

Well-identified limitations of ongoing LTER programs are the lack of consensus about data collection protocols and the heterogeneity of the data collected so far. Both make systematic cross-site comparative studies challenging. The lack of consensus about protocols seems largely due to a mismatch between global requirements and local relevance. Overcoming this mismatch calls for the development of conceptual models that allow for the integration of global and local objectives as well as for linking potential causes and effects, and for the implementation of rigorous LTER study designs that fit tractable research questions. GMBA sees its primary role in the mountain LTER community as a catalyst in the development of such models and in the identification of commonalities and differences among sites in view of an improved integration and the delivery of timely and policy-relevant results.


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