Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA)

GMBA network

GMBA is a network of Early Career and advanced mountain biodiversity scientists, policy-makers, practitioners, and other stakeholders involved in the study, assessment, conservation, and sustainable management of mountain biodiversity. Its research and activities are guided by a Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) led by two co-chairs and coordinated by an International Project Office (IPO). Regional hubs under the responsibility of individual SSC members serve as regional branches of the IPO, with an overarching aim to expand the GMBA network regionally, and catalyse the development of data and knowledge products with regional GMBA communities.

By consolidating and expanding the GMBA network of mountain biodiversity professionals and institutions in the private and public sector, we enable and facilitate synergies, collaborations, and coordinated efforts towards the conservation and sustainable management of mountain biodiversity.

Conferences and more
Title Location and dates Deadlines Link
19th Eurasian Grassland Conference Eurac (Bolzano, Italy), 26 August - 01 September Registration: 01 June Conference website