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Promoting Long-Term Social-Ecological Research in mountains

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Well-identified limitations of ongoing LT(S)ER programs are the lack of consensus about data collection protocols and the heterogeneity of the data collected so far. Both make systematic cross-site comparative studies challenging. The lack of consensus about protocols seems largely due to a mismatch between global requirements and local relevance. Overcoming this mismatch calls for the development of conceptual models that allow for the integration of global and local objectives as well as for linking potential causes and effects, and for the implementation of rigorous and adaptable LT(S)ER study designs that fit tractable research questions. The primary role of this working group is to serve as a catalyst in the development of such models and in the improved uptake of long-term data and information into global policies and conventions.

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Article:Mountain LTSER science in global conventions and agendas*
* preliminary title
Ongoing TBD
Article: Mountain LTSER in and for the 21st century*
* preliminary title
Ongoing TBD
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Christophe Randin University of Lausanne & Jardin Flore-Alp, Switzerland GMBA Network
Nigel Yoccoz The Arctic University of Tromsoe
Laszlo Nagy University of Campinas, Brazil
Christian Körner University of Basel, Switzerland GMBA SSC
Davnah Payne
GMBA office

Past Events

Contribution of Long-term Ecological Research Programs in mountains to global policy agendas and UN conventions

Flore-Alpe Botanial Garden, Champex-Lac (Switzerland), 01-04.10.2019


Integrating research and long-term monitoring data into public policies for environmental management in Swiss mountains– challenges and opportunities

Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration, Lausanne, Switzerland, 31.10.2019