Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA)

Early Career Researchers Network

This network aims at bringing together mountain biodiversity professionals who are at an early stage of their career and are looking for a community of peers with whom to share ideas, expertise, questions, and opportunities.

We define early career professionals as anyone whose career has started within the last 10 years and who is connected to mountain biodiversity science. This includes researchers who have received their Bachelor's or Master's qualification within the last 10 years or their PhD within the last six years, as well as professionals working at the interface of society, policy, practice, and research in mountain biodiversity.

If you want to join the network, fill out the registration form and make sure to select 'yes' under "Early Career Professional"!

If you are looking for a job openings or other relevant summer schools or events, check out our market place and list of opportunities

Job announcements in ecology and evolution (external)
Freeman Lab (Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA) - Graduate students and post-docs opportunities: mountain birds and climate change
Swiss Federal Institute Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (Switzerland) - Internship “Insect monitoring with cameras in the Alps” (closing date: N/A)
Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research - PostDoc in Tipping points in mountain ecosystems (closing date: N/A)
Eurac Research (Italy) - Biodiversity monitoring interns for the Summer 2024 (closing date: variable)
Utrecht University (Belgium) - Post-doc on Modelling of Extreme Droughts in the European Mountains (closing date: 15 April)
University of Montana - Zettlemoyer lab - graduate student opportunities for Fall 2024


Plant taxonomy skills for conservation course, Asia, 11 - 29 March & 15- 26 April, 2024
IPROMO Summer School 2024 - Promoting agrifood systems and mountain products, Ormea (Italy), 25 June - 09 July, 2024
Alpine Plant Ecology International Summer School, Furka (Switzerland), 14-20 July 2024 (pre-registration: 28 February)
Summer School Forests and Extremes - Forests and Extremes: Crisis or Transition?, Davos (Switzerland), 18-25 August 2024
Summer School: Blue-green biodiversity. Research and practice at the interface of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, Davos (Switzerland), 26-31 August 2024
Co-designing Biodiversity Assessments, Sao Pedro (Brazil), 27 October - 08 November, 2024 (Application deadline: 11 March)
Mountain Research School, La Grave (France), 25 - 30 August 2024 (Closing date: 01 June)
Alternet Summer School: 'Biodiversity and Society: Science, Policy, and Transformative Change', Peyresq (France), 04-14 September 2024 (closing date: 25 April)
A summer school for automated monitoring of insects, Mols Bjerge National Park (Aarhus, Denmark), 30 September - 04 October, 2024 (Application deadline: 15 April)
Capacity Development for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Experts (CABES) MSc. programme for Western, Eastern and Central African students (Closing date: 31 March)
Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer Research Grant: biodiversity and conservation (application deadline: 03 May 2024)
Senckenberg Global Fellowships, Frontiers in Nature Research and Conservation (application deadline: 01 May 2024)