Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA)

Early Career Researchers Network

This network aims at bringing together mountain biodiversity professionals who are at an early stage of their career and are looking for a community of peers with whom to share ideas, expertise, questions, and opportunities.

We define early career professionals as anyone whose career has started within the last 10 years and who is connected to mountain biodiversity science. This includes researchers who have received their Bachelor's or Master's qualification within the last 10 years or their PhD within the last six years, as well as professionals working at the interface of society, policy, practice, and research in mountain biodiversity.

If you want to join the network, fill out the registration form and make sure to select 'yes' under "Early Career Professional"!

If you are looking for a job openings or other relevant summer schools or events, check out our market place and list of opportunities

Job opportunities
Title Location Application deadline Link
Job announcements in ecology and evolution Excel list
Graduate students and post-docs opportunities: mountain birds and climate change Georgia Tech in Atlanta Open The Mountain Bird Lab
Horizon Europe MountResilience Project officer UNIMONT, University of Milan (Milan, Italy) 28 June 2024 Job description
Tropical biodiversity officer & researcher Trento Science Museum (Trendo, Italy) 23 August 2024 Job description


Schools and conferences
Title Date and location Deadline Link
Master Program: sustainability science Leuphana University (Germany) 01 June, 2024 Online information
IPROMO Summer School: promoting agrifood systems and mountain products Ormea (Italy), 25 June - 09 July N/A Online information
Summer School: blue-green biodiversity Davos (Switzerland), 26 - 31 August 24 May, 2024 Online information
Mountain research school: plongée au coeur des controverses Jardin du Lautaret (France), 25 - 30 August 01 June, 2024 Online information
Grants and prices
Funding scheme Deadline Link
People's Trusted Fund for Endangered Species Internship Grants N/A Online information
Senckenberg Global Fellowships 01 October 2024 Online information
Fonseca species conservation fund (African continent & Indian ocean) 19 July 2024 Online information
Fonseca species conservation fund (Asia-Pacific) 15 December 2024 Online information
Fonseca species conservation fund (Americas) 15 April 2025 Online information