Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA)

Working groups

Biodiversity-related opportunities for sustainable development in mountains

Coordinators: Mark Snethlage, Davnah Payne
GMBA SSC members: T. Mwampamba, X. Fan
Period: 2017 -
Status: ongoing

Developing effective valuation, policy, governance, and management approaches to safeguard the biodiversity underpinning human well-being in mountains and achieve international sustainable development goals requires a common understanding of the interactions between nature and people that are particular to mountains.

This working group supports inter- and transdisciplinary science in two main areas. The first is the nexus between biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services, and human well-being in the world’s mountains. The second is the importance of biodiversity in achieving the Aichi Biodiversity Targets of the Convention for Biological Diversity and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in mountains.


Mountain biodiversity and sustainable development

This project will provide a global analysis and comparison of biodiversity-related opportunities for sustainable development in mountain ranges differing in their ecology and socio-economic situation.

Mountain biodiversity and the Sustainable Development Goals

Mountain biodiversity and the Sustainable Development Goals: knowledge for synergistic action

This project provides policy-relevant knowledge towards opportunities for the sustainable management and conservation of mountain biodiversity (SDG15.4).