BlueMount long- and short-term vision

In the long-term

Our long-term vision is to co-design with local, regional, and national stakeholders a Long-Term Social-Ecological Observatory of Switzerland’s mountains that
  • delivers scientific information about the state and trends of social-ecological mountain systems in the face of global change
  • informs environmental and land governance policies at the local to national level

In the short-term

During the course of 2020, our objectives are to:
  • provide a comprehensive overview of the ongoing research in LT(S)ER sites in Switzerland by collecting available data and information
  • co-develop and co-design the blueprint for an Observatory of Switzerland’s Mountains at the scale of the “Alpes vaudoises et valaisannes” to monitor policy-relevant social and ecological, processes across large gradients
  • prepare a proposal to obtain the funding necessary to develop the science and implementation plan of a national-scale Swiss Mountains Observatory.