Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA)

Working groups

Ongoing working groups

Promoting Long-Term Social-Ecological Research in mountains
This working groups aims at supporting policy-relevant knowledge by catalyzing the better integration of global and local objectives in Long-Term Social-Ecological Research and the implementation of rigorous study designs that fit tractable research.

Species distribution modeling and remote sensing
This working group tackles conceptual and methodological challenges of using remote sensing and in situ data in mountain biodiversity science.

Mountain Soil Biodiversity
This working group aims at convening an international community of scientists working on soil biodiversity in mountains worldwidem and at coordinating their efforts towards filling knowledge and data gaps.

Endemism and species richness in mountains
This working group explores the parallels between islands and mountains in their endemism and species richness patterns as well as in underlying mechanisms, and identifies monitoring and management options

Mountain biodiversity assessment
This working group aims at organizing the global mountain biodiversity community in view of performing a global mountain biodiversity assessment based on the GMBA mountain inventory.

Biodiversity-related opportunities for sustainable mountain development
This working group supports inter- and transdisciplinary research on the nexus between biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services, and human wellbeing in the world’s mountain ranges and on the importance of biodiversity in achieving the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and the Sustainable Development Goals in mountains.


Natural Assets Knowledge Action Network
Knowledge Action Networks are interdisciplinary and international collaborative frameworks organized by Future Earth to facilitate integrative sustainability research and generate the knowledge needed to inform solutions for complex societal issues.

Promoting Long-Term Ecological Research in Mountains
This working groups aimed at facilitating a network of Long-Term Ecological Research sites in mountain regions.

Global mountain biodiversity monitoring, prediction, and reporting
This working group aimed at facilitating interdisciplinary research and a close collaboration between observational, remote sensing, and modelling communities that are collecting and using spatio-temporally explicit biodiversity or environmental data to capture, report and predict ongoing changes, and the development of ntegrated knowledge products (e.g. map layers).

Mountain biodiversity data mining
This working group aimed at supporting efforts and initatives towards the application of rigorous mining methods to biodiversity data.

Mountain biodiversity and land-use change
This working group aimed at coordinating research on the effects of land use on mountain biodiversity