Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA)

Mountain Portal

The Mountain Portal is GMBA's web portal for mountain biodiversity data mobilization, query, visualization, and analysis.

The Mountain Portal was developed in collaboration with and implemented by the Jetz Lab of Global Biodiversity, Ecology & Conservation as part of Map of Life. It represents a powerful tool for all user categories, ranging from laymen and citizen scientists to practitioners, stakeholders (e.g., tourism), and policy makers.


The mountain portal uses the GMBA mountain definition and associated ruggedness filter described in Körner et al (2011) (PDF, 2.0 MB), displays the bioclimatic belts defined in Körner et al (2011) (PDF, 2.0 MB), and features the mountain inventory proposed by Körner et al (2017) (PDF, 1.5 MB). Both the GMBA ruggedness data and the GMBA mountain inventory are available for unrestricted download.

Map of Life assembles and integrates different sources of data describing species distributions worldwide. These data include expert species range maps, species occurrence points, ecoregions, and protected areas from providers like IUCN, WWF, GBIF, and more. All data assets are stored, managed, backed up, and accessed using a hosted cloud instance. The current version of the Mountain Portal allows for the browsing of expected birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, conifers, and some insects.

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New versions of the Mountain Portal are regularly released and updates are performed as new data become available and additional needs are identified. More details on upcoming updates are available on the mountain portal website.

If you have mountain biodiversity data of any type (point or plot data, expert ranges, area inventories, survey data, etc) to show please contact us!